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My tenure last Sunday, now I have the time to tell what happened. Diane, well into the third year of our marriage, he had met a man she wanted to go. Diane was not a fool with men, I knew it would not proceed with a man who believed he could trust what subsequently took place in practice. The first time was with a man named George, whom I had seen and approved by, looked in good shape and looking nice. at night I would go, Diane had a shower after a light bra, sexy pants, a short skirt and low cut blouse. He saw, in fact, very sexy. It was in the spring when it got dark very early in the evening. She was to meet his day, approximately 08 hours. At home I tried sexbot to imagine what was going on, feeling more and more excited. I went to bed and read until he entered Diane knew that as soon as he entered the room, we had sex and I was very excited. ' Really? ' I asked. smiled: s ' Of course ' . sexbot ' Come to bed and says something like' ' Wait.... have washed ' ' No,' sexbot I interrupted, 'I love you so like you ! ' ' Okay. ' undressed, my eyes were glued to their underwear, even in dim light in the room could see that they were satisfied, my heart skipped a beat... or two! He got into bed, and looked at each other, their eyes dull with lust, I know who have sex as much as I wanted. ' Tell me what happened. ' ' Well, I met George agreed and left the ' Pheasant. ' We went in and drank, so George took my car there and found a level tranquil. I was very excited and I was stroking his thigh as we drove, of course, once we were not kissing each other all. He began to feel my breasts through my clothes, so I took off my shirt and bra and he kissed her and sucking my nipples. you know what that does for me ! go directly to my ass! ', sinceI said, caressing her breasts, and she had to keep my tail. 'What happened? ' 'is not well, I have a cock, a nice it was. I could not see well, but it was somewhere between seven and sexbot eight inches, but best of all, it was full, my finger round it anyway, I worked my hand up and down, and felt through my underwear, of course, I was already wet ! he said, ' Come, let's get this from Di 'and I up my ass, while they tore down and made it easier on the feet. Then he pulled his pants and trousers. I spread my legs, so he could see what I have, you know me, Brian, there's nothing that attracts me like a man in my pussy ! He turned, told me what a beautiful kitty and had opened his lips and played with me until I was asking. He said: ' Will you be damned? ' I said, 'What are you waiting for? ' She stopped, as I slid my hand between them, while her lips and her pussy felt neglected. ' Oooh ! This is beautiful! ' ' Go ahead. '' Well I spread my legs sexbot even more, and said: ' The back seat is best for this! ' And we fought through the seats. I lie down and opened my legs and put on top. I felt his cock against my pussy lips and put my hand come to him. Then he was hit by pure lust and started ! fucking like a madman said, ' Wait a minute, ' but sexbot I enjoy it ! ' What is this? 'He said :' I have caught more than a year! ' And so it has come! ' sea I turned my back and sexbot mounted her and slid my cock into her pussy I looked at his bloody open. ' Oh, yes, he always knew exactly what I wanted, and if so, Brian. ' She was there for a few minutes while fucking God in silence, it was wet when I had pushed my dick in, was the content of her pussy splashed on the thighs and abdomen, it was incredibly erotic. 'Go ' Then he opened his mouth. ' Well, he had much value it really fills me. Then he dropped on me and I hugged him and said he would not mind coming so quickly. However, if we are the tailnt I felt soft, but most of them in my paradise cucnt so I started in. After a minute or two with my vaginal muscles squeeze, as it does sometimes. He soon began again, and hard fucking. This time he took his time, was good, really was very careless in his cock and massaged me, especially my clitoris and I did several times. The whole time I sexbot was fucking me as if I would come home and if you fuck with me! I thought so! ' I've always been able to, a skill that many women, including my two women in the control group estimate, and I was fucking my beautiful Diana when she came and went. Once or twice lost and seemd to losing consciousness, is each time coming - to'to still fucked. Finally, she relaxed beneath sexbot me flop, and feels completely 'bones', so I'm allowed to come. came to life when the violent splashing orgasm deep within mypussy and complained to his pleasure. We agree that it was the best sexbot damn I had ever experienced. Diane said : 'Yes, to judge by, I'd better go more often,' Well, they and we had good sex for several months. , but it came to an abrupt end. What happened was that I was in town one day when a friend of ours who met by chance a policeman, 'I hope not speasking me out of turn, Brian', he said, 'but I saw Diane in a car at night Friday with another man. 'I asked him when and where he was and he told me. I said I must have made ​​a mistake, as he had been at home with me at that time, he just shrugged. At home, I told Diana: ' What do you mean,' she said, alarmed ' You've seen the last George. '. she said. 'If you recall, we had an agreement that they would not be home in half and were not seen in the city that has seen, sexbot were on Friday night, when you do. Were made with George. ' And I I went to tell everybodye, and from whom. She cried and said : '. It was because George was getting late, and when we do, and I wanted to get home in time, had no time to go anywhere,' I said, 'That was the problem that should have told him the next week you see in place, now that I see him again ! 'She asked me, but I insisted, and not challenge me, then she lost her lover. I took her to the bed and picked it up, I go, ' What is important, or that George? ' 'This is, of course,' she replied, ' but I liked it a different story once a week. ' 'I know', I said, 'but I 'm not saying you have none, but you sexbot must follow the rules. ' sexbot And since then it has.
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